If the US Anti-Doping Agency announces on a Thursday night that it will strip your favorite and only know cyclist’s 7 consecutive Tour De France titles and issue him a lifetime ban, who cares?
After all, you loved him for being a fighter and not just a champion.
I still have reasons to help haters to know why support LIVESTRONG foundation

#1. Lance is a survivor and so is the foundation.
I always admire people who had been to big failures, done big mistakes and went through rough times and ran out of it.
Lance and the foundation top my chart because of the fact that I don’t know many people and movements that stands for such a cause and above all, they started and is doing a great thing.
Adding to everything, he has inspired many through his books ‘It’s Not about the Bike: My Journey Back to Life’ and ‘Every second counts’.

#2. LIVESTRONG still lives strong.
Lance being equally know for Tour De France titles and LIVESTRONG, will surely be remembered for the foundation which was formerly known as Lance Armstrong Foundation.
The Foundation got current rebranding when lance stepped down from the official posts. The thing I hated was not about the ‘it is not about one person’ message from the officials of the foundation but, the teen loving brand Nike stopping its LIVESTRONG line of products. They are god damn mean people.
Besides all the allegations that were raised against lance, the foundation has a clean record for the associates and has helped many and their families.

#3. Is a great Brand.
I really love the yellow colour band. It symbolizes survival and hope. The typo, website and everything associated are awesome.

#4. A great initiative
May it be with lance or the yellow band or even a good candy, I try to appreciate and support great efforts and talents (sometimes in heart) because they are doing things that I cannot.
Let all the singers get appreciation because I can’t sing well (and I don’t care :P).

#5. Being a support for somebody really matters.
Being a support is a great thing. When it comes to people who have lost their lives and loved ones of cancer, it is one real great thing which matters.

#6. Raised funds in a stylish way
Raising funds may not be a big thing. But a million dollars may be. But when LIVESTRONG did it with a yellow band which gathered money and supporters together, it was one cool thing. People who supported the foundation were clearly identified by the ubiquitous yellow band and that made more people to know on it.

So, whatever be the founders or the people who are with the foundation, the core idea, the yellow band, the foundation and its slogan (“Unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything.”) still stands giving a hand to some people.