About : UI trends 2014, Breadcrumbs, burger & mega menus.

The recent changes in design induced some great shifts to UI & UX design transforming them more to branches of art than just being a small part of software engineering and product design. The advancement also added a few new words to the dictionary. I am about to list off a few latest and my loved ones from them.

Ok. Here is the story.

When the world turned to a page where everyone aspired for a clean & minimal way of representing data, that was the time when people recognised that white color was not really the absence of things but the presence of simplicity. Minimalism.

The big world of ours never even imagined that we would love it. Or to be precise, we never thought this would last much. Unlike other brothers, this design trend tends to stay with people and devices as most of us are lazy and we seriously don’t like to get much information like the bookworms. I mean real bookworms. Not your pal. I’m serious!

Bread Crumbs

This is the favourite part to some foodies while some others hate it. But, when it comes to UI, most people stay to the breadcrumb lover team. Personally i do. They deliver us the information about from where we reached here, the navigation path, and also our current location.

Burger Menu

This element came up when the responsive web design tide washed us. It is a minimal element that showsup like a genie when the viewport is a smaller one.

Mega Menu

The latest kid of the league, but has a huge fan following and is a rockstar when people need to make a content rich menu. ie, embedding videos, pictures or even paragraphs of textual data. Believe me if u havent seen it, it never looks so worse as it sounds. It barely looks minimal but, it adds to the beauty of web pages that has so much content and has to display it in a groomed manner.

Whos next?

Well, i can’t really predict whos gonna enter the party hall next. But, i’m sure the party wont stop soon. So we should be looking out for great changes in the near future. Party hard!